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Our Idea

Adfam is a charity organisation which is helping families that are badly affected by drugs and liquor. At Adfam we want anyone affected by a family members addiction to drugs or alcohol to be able to benefit from healthy relationships as well as feel part of a loving and supportive family whilst enjoying mental and physical wellbeing.

Drug and alcohol usage encourages physical, emotional and financial imbalances which can destroy family relationships.

Our Goal

We engage family members and caregivers collective participation support to change this course of direction.

What We Value

We listen to frontline workers and families We understand that people who face challenges usually have answers . We get informed by our supporters: with the help of sympathy and confirmation we advice, engage, and help both the individuals who are influenced by a friend or family member's drug abuse and those who support them. Capacity building, through making resources available to learn productive skills and instil confidence on individual's potential for productivity.

We're Driven By What Works

The substance use impact on wellbeing and family relationships is both varied and profound. We access our work with close attention and care to what works in the real world. To accomplish all of this, we gladly accept different kinds of evidence, and we lean on real life experiences as well as formal scientific facts. Our work is inspired by our families, friends, supporters and co-workers and what they tell us works.

We're Not Kidding About Our Main Goal

We focus on providing the best quality of work to our clients as we are not kidding about our work and our organisation. We are treating people and families influenced by substance abuse with dignity and respect, as we don't agree with the public opinion including stigma and prejudice, as those only cause pain and obstacles on the path of recovery. We desire a stigma-free society towards substance abusers and their close ones, and we won't stop until we accomplish this.

Who We Work With

  • Families, companions and carers - We actually notify and engage those individuals who are influenced by other's substance utilise, and we also wanted to raise their voices and realize them to know that they are in the issue that badly affect them.
  • Frontline workers - We train workers to have confidence and capability so we can rest assured they will be useful and efficient in their work.
  • Decision-makers- Above all, we strive to involve key decision makers at national policy making organ to shape the outcome of desired family concerns to improve their lifestyle.

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