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What Is Famanon?

Families Anonymous is a famous cooperation which supports family members and companions who are badly affected due to someone else's usage of mind-changing substances or behavioural issues. Across the nation, Fam Anon has groups that gather on regular basis. If someone is worrying about another individual's abuse then they are advised to attend one of the meetings.

In 1971, the Fam Anon was founded by a group of families in America. There are around 50 groups in different parts of the nation now, after the first group began operating in London in 1980.

The Fam Anon is a self-sustained organisation which methods are based on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions programme created by Alcoholics Anonymous.

How Can Fam Anon Assists Members?

The aim of the group is to provide mutual support and to offer a forum where experience and anxieties can be shared to family and friends of people with current suspected or former drug problem. Group members learn how to adjust, cope, encourage and support loved ones under the influence of addiction.

Assistance for the family and friends is a great help for the addict as well and this is proven by practice and experience.

Embracing a straight and unwavering approach with the addict is what members learn when they attend these gatherings. Understanding that addict requires help to function without the substance is usually the realisation members come to.

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In today's society use and dependence on hazardous substances is common, it creates negative impacts for both the individuals using as well as their family members. You may find it difficult to deal with hurting people whose children or loved ones are involved in drugs or alcohol and suffer mental, emotional and physical pain while they watch hopelessly as addiction consumes their loved ones. There is assistance for parents, spouses, cousins and friends in Families Anonymous.

Families Anonymous (FamAnon) is a fellowship based on self-help that has spread across the world in which loved ones of drug addicts and those with behavioural issues gather. A few Los Angeles families started Fam Anon in the United States in 1971 and adopted 12 Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous as their core principles. In 1980, the first group in this country started in London and now in various parts of the UK there are some 50 groups.

Supporting family in dealing with the addict and focusing on them is what the programme is all about. It offers the addicts a possibility to get in charge of their lives once again and to find a reason to live drug-free life.

There are different operating methods in Families Anonymous. Sharing of common problems is where it basic strength comes from. Meetings and memberships are entirely free of charge. Fam Anon doesn't accept or request any money from outside bodies. The Fam Anon workers are volunteers, and the organisation gathers money through voluntary donations received at gatherings and by the sale of Fam Anon books.

Only first names are given at Fam Anon since it is an anonymous programme.

Members learn how to come to terms with the problem that is disturbing their lives in the Fam Anon group.

Attendants at meetings discover the secret of openness and consistency in handling addiction. As a result of this, drug abusers often decide to search for help as they start to want to live drug-free life.

Experience has revealed that help for the drug-dependent person means help for the family and friends.

Copies of helpful literature are obtainable at minimal service charge by experts in positions of responsibility to reach out to those in need yet unaware of Fam Anon running helpful program activities at hand.