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Narcotics Anonymous Groups

How Narcotics Anonymous Came About

The Alcoholic Anonymous support group was formed in the UK years ago, and other groups have been established adopting the same model, Narcotics Anonymous is one of these. Narcotics Anonymous was established after the successful responses received by Alcoholics Anonymous. NA renders support to the people attempting to get rid of from addiction to drugs, rather than just to alcohol. The only thing necessary to become a member of NA is a wish to vanquish the addiction. Groups of NA do not make a distinction between drugs of any kind, including alcohol. Moreover, they admit that addiction to several substances is common indeed. You will get the help you need if you are an addict to any drug.

NA had its official founding in Los Angeles in 1953 and presently spread to numerous locations in 129 countries.

What Happens In An Na Meeting

Every member of the NA is addicted to some form of drug and so this minimises the fear that people usually have the first time they go there. It is a community where the members look to help each other overcome the different forms of addiction.

You can rest assured of receiving an environment from the group which will be caring, welcoming and non-judgmental.

In some of the meetings, there may be a speaker while in others people will be having open discussions.

During discussion sessions, members talk about their personal experiences, challenges, and relationships during the recovery process. Certain members may be requested to share for most of the speaker meetings. During the discussion meetings, members are not forced to participate or to talk more than they are ready to. New members are not required to share their experiences, although they are welcome to do so if they wish. Sharing their experiences is held one at a time and members are instructed only to share their story without commenting on others because conversations can be held during any breaks or after the meeting.

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Religion And Narcotics Anonymous

NA meetings are underpinned by spirituality rather than based on any kind of religion. Since everyone has their own personal beliefs, the references to a higher power don't define what this higher power is. "God" is usually mentioned at NA meetings, and a prayer is said at the end of a meeting. Nevertheless, members are free to replace "God" with either "good orderly direction" or "higher power". The recognition of a higher power is supposed to enable a form of moral ground and strength and not necessarily religion.

A guide of what you are going to hear during your first meetings There are certain words that you're likely to encounter when you attend NA meetings and some of those you should know about include:

  • Addict (Addicted Person, Drug Addict)
  • It is used to refer to the person who is dependent on any kind of drug.
  • Basic Text
  • The NA has a document that has all the ideas and objectives of the group.
  • Group
  • These are the people who meet regularly for the planned meetings.
  • Higher Power
  • A spiritual being that offers guidance and help in the recovery process.
  • IPs
  • These are pamphlets that provide information on NA.
  • Newcomers
  • The newly signed participants of NA.
  • Relapse
  • When one goes back to taking the drug, they are fighting to quit regardless of length of time.
  • Sharing
  • This involves telling stories of what you've gone through during addiction and afterwards.
  • Sponsor
  • These are members who are able to guide others through the recovery steps based on their own experiences.
  • Group Trusted Servants (Trusted Servants)
  • Members who have service positions in NA.

Closed Vs Open Gatherings

Just like in Alcoholic Anonymous, a Narcotics Anonymous meeting is either "open" or "closed." Family members and friends are allowed to attend the "Open" meetings. Recovering addicts have exclusive use of closed meetings.

You decide which kind of group you want to be involved with. This choice is best decided after you have experienced both forms of meetings.

Na 12 Steps

The treatment and support provided by Narcotics Anonymous is based on the well-known 12 steps, established by AA. There is only one difference between these programs: in NA terminology a broader term "addiction" is used instead of "alcoholism" because NA doesn't draw a distinction between addictions to different substances. You can read more about the 12 steps here.

Being Accountable To The Group

The NA community is one of its strengths. The meeting will always provide an environment in which the recovering user will feel comfortable since the people they'll find there are on the same recovery path as them.

A newcomer can begin looking for a sponsor once he or she as an attendee is familiar with the structure of NA and has established a relationship within the group. A sponsor is an individual who is already established in NA and can also act as a mentor because he or she is well-versed with the 12 steps. In order to establish multiple levels of accountability advice is provided that sponsors that also have a sponsor should be chosen.

Acquiring A Narcotics Anonymous Group

Are you willing to find a Narcotics Anonymous group to help you get rid of your dependence? There are over 61,000 groups holding meetings weekly all over the world; there will be one that will be the perfect fit for you. We are ready to help you select an NA group today call 0800 246 1509.